venerdì 10 marzo 2023

Stubbornness: virtue or defect?

Many of us can be stubborn at times, but it is not always easy to understand whether this trait is a virtue or a flaw. Stubbornness can be viewed positively if it is used as perseverance and tenacity to overcome difficulties, and negatively if we insist on repeating the same mistakes.

This mindset can be a resource for achieving our goals, but it must be balanced with the ability to adapt to situations and to know when it is time to let go. In romantic relationships, for example, stubbornness can be helpful if it helps overcome problems, but in some cases, it may be necessary to have the courage to end the relationship for one's personal growth.

An example of resilience is Lil, the protagonist of the book The Heir of Light, a girl who faced a dramatic event and lost everything she had. Despite the difficulties, Lil does not collapse and finds a way to evolve through obstacles. The trilogy The Branches of Time conveys the message that the ability to withstand setbacks and grow through them is the key to thriving in life.

Manipulation is a very important theme. We are often influenced by politics, advertising, media, and other ubiquitous tools. It is essential to fight for our freedom and learn to shape our thoughts, using dialogue, criticism, and the courage to rethink our ideas.

Reality can sometimes be more brutal than fantasy, and it is sometimes difficult to describe it completely and accurately in writing. However, in the books I write, I try my best to also represent the suffering and pain of the modern world.

We must be aware of our emotions and reach such awareness through meditation, reading, walking, etc. However, it is also useful to be strategic and think like chess players, without being completely carried away by emotions.

Education from elementary school is a powerful weapon to combat cultural stereotypes that prevent women from obtaining valuable job positions and asserting their rights. We must fight against gender discrimination, violence against women, abuse, and girls must demand respect in any context. Society becomes poorer if it does not value the female figure.

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