giovedì 23 marzo 2023

Write to live better: organize your thoughts and free your emotions

On Thursday evening broadcasts, I often remind my listeners of the importance of writing. We can engage in stories, poems, novels, letters, emails, or keep a diary. There is no one way that is better than another!

To do it well, we need to be consistent and read a lot, but even if we are not passionate about reading, we can still stain our fingers with ink or type on the keyboard.


Writing helps us organize our thoughts and consider them from different perspectives. It is an actual thought organizer. When we have to make a decision, reasoning in front of a piece of paper can be just as important as thinking.

Moreover, it allows us to reflect on our emotions, explore them, and understand them. It helps us overcome negative feelings, free ourselves from them, and move forward. We can feel less burdened, freer, and happier.

If we feel anxious or stressed, writing down what is causing pain can significantly help. It is like applying a balm to a wound: thanks to writing, it will heal more quickly and effectively.

An extremely positive aspect is that there are no contraindications or reasons not to write. It will never harm us, and we can do it anytime: just waking up, standing in line at the post office, or in the evening before going to sleep. Today, many of us live with a smartphone always at hand. Why not use it now and then to write our diary as well?

How much time should we dedicate? Even several hours a day, but my advice is not to end the day without spending at least fifteen minutes with a pen in hand.

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