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Review: The Shaman's Temptation

The Shaman's Temptation
The Shaman's Temptation by Erin Moore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had great expectations about The Shaman's Temptation by Erin Moore and I was not disappointed.
I loved the beautiful and well described settings, especially the Arizona desert with that nice magical styles and I was crazy about the character's psychologies.
Madeleine is amazing. It's easy to feel her deeper emotions and her thoughts but it's always hard to guess what she's trying to do next. Her love story with Tak, a handsome Apache, is full of surprises and unexpected turns.
I loved the way Moore describes sex between them: very exciting and never too disturbing.
The book is a great combination of magic, amazing creatures like the shape-shifter shaman, passion, love and everyday problems like money and lust.
The best is the great eroticism and the outstanding romantic touch!

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