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Review: The Sapphire Sea

The Sapphire Sea
The Sapphire Sea by David Andrews

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Allan is a successful engineer who is travelling to Australia, where his ex-wife, Sally, lives. She regrets their split and she's waiting for him. Unfortunately, the travel on The Sapphire Sea turns very bad.

In an outstanding series of events, I read about the sailor's pains, their difficult lives and the romantic love story between the two main characters. The story moves from the feelings between Sally and Allan to the harsh problems that Allan needs to solve at every step.

I enjoyed this mixture of actions and feelings, deep psychological research and amazing descriptions.

I was very surprised about the technical details. There are many but they are easy to understand and they add a further touch of realism to the story.

I enjoyed this ebook and I'm looking forward to read more by David Andrews.

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