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A highly enjoyable sci-fi/fant collection!! - Free on Amazon Kindle Oct 9-11

Today I'm offering Galactic Energies FREE on Amazon Kindle

I'm really impressed by the great review that the reader Daphne has published on
"This is an exciting collection of various Sci-fi/ fantasy short stories. I haven't read any sci-fi for quite a while (I usually read more fantasy), and this book reminded me how awesome the genre can be! Short stories can be pretty tough to get right, but Mr Rossi does just that, creating believable, compelling characters and fascinating settings. He brings to life diverse, futuristic worlds and situations, whether in our own world or a far-away galaxy - and he does a really good job of handling such a diaspora. Like all great sci-fi fantasy stories, they also provide a clever honest look into our own world. Some of the stories have a certain erotic element, which is really well executed, and there is even an inter-stellar chase, which I thought was really fun.
This is a translation of an Italian text, and the language has been beautifully transposed.
My absolute favourites were `Arcot and the Queen' and `The Kingdom of Turlis'. One of the stories, Clouded Emotions, is an interactive one, which is a really original concept on Kindle, and a great way of blurring the lines between narrative and reader.
I've really enjoyed the collection and the many strange and familiar worlds contained therein.

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