lunedì 20 febbraio 2023

40 minutes of happiness 🧡🏃

Yesterday I ran my fifth cross-country race, and it was forty minutes of pure happiness. Even in the moments of greatest suffering, I felt great. I was experiencing physical pain, but I was still pumped and kept thinking about how much I enjoyed the experience.

In my life, I have practiced various sports, such as basketball as a teenager, swimming, Thursday night soccer with friends, and skiing. I have also walked a lot and gone on many hikes. However, I have never been as involved as I am in running.

I love running, especially in company, and I love races. I can feel all the beauty of movement, the body breathing, and the mind being free.

I like to share the sport I love with other people. It's fun, exciting, and there is an emotion that unites most runners. I live competition with great serenity. When an athlete passes me, I think about how good they are; when I pass someone else, I do it with lightness.

Experiences like yesterday's are very precious. Recently, I have participated in various running events in less-than-optimal conditions, with a cold or shortly after the flu. Yesterday, on the other hand, I was feeling good and had no worries. The temperature was fantastic, and the grass had a green that entered my soul.

At the end of the cross, I was tired but full of energy and couldn't wait to dive into the next trail in a couple of weeks.

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