lunedì 15 settembre 2014

The Branches of Time - free days!!

In August I gave all my readers the chance to download free for three days The Branches of Time on Amazon Kindle. 

The response was terrific, with over 10,000 copies downloaded and many positive opinions. 

The novel was even acknowledged by the prestigious magazine Wired: "One of the most convincing examples of self-publishing and, in particular, one of the most widely read ebooks in the Amazon store. This is thanks to a fantastic story full of mystery and sensuality. "

After the holidays, however, many readers have contacted me writing they were sad about losing the opportunity. So I decided to do something about it... 

If you still have not read The Branches of Time, you can download it for free only today on Kindle: 

I sincerely hope you enjoy my novel.

Watch the time, because in a few hours The Branches of Time will be at full price again. Download it now:

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