lunedì 3 marzo 2014

The Top 10 Italian indie authors by WIRED

I am honored to receive this important recognition by the magazine Wired.

The Top 10 Italian indie authors

Galactic Energies is a collection of fantasy and science fiction short stories. It is full of interesting ideas that could each become a full-length novel. If you want a clean, engaging read and you prefer simple, readable prose then this title is for you.
I liked ‘Remind’, the first tale. It is the story of a small business enterprise in the 2.0 age. The company grows, fuelled by politics, bureaucracy and the ego of its founder until it degenerates.
All the stories are enjoyable and easy to read from the beginning to the end. In many of them the female characters are sexy, wicked and they develop their secret plots, as in "The Kingdom of Turlis."
The only fault is that sometimes the stories end too quickly. Maybe the author should be more patient developing them. In any case, this is an ebook that readers should download and read in one breath.

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