martedì 17 settembre 2013

A Surreal Carnival of Delights, by Dan Pollock

"This collection of sci-fi and fantasy short stories transported me not so much into the future as back into the heyday of the genre when pulpmeisters like Heinlein and Van Vogt and Sturgeon and, yes, even L. Ron Hubbard were cranking out their Amazing and Fantastic Tales. Rossi's title gets it right--these stories overflow with galactic energy and possibilities. A vampire domme sucks the will and blood out of a starship captain; a startup software team takes over the world, or appears to; an innocent solar scientist is hunted down and imprisoned in a Kafkaesque nightmare scenario, never knowing why; a mutant bounty hunter falls in love with his sexy-shape-shifting captive. Rossi possesses a unique style and voice, combining dreamlike imagery and surreal situations, with--a word of caution here--frequent dollops of kinky eroticism."

Awesome review!

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