Galactic Energies - customer reviews - 37+ reviews, 4.8 out of 5 stars

★★★★★ Engaging Stories
By Vanessa A. Ryan
"Luca Rossi has a unique writing style that draws the reader into the insane, upside down world his characters are forced to endure by their tormentors."
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★★★★★ The Seeds of the Future Are in the Now!
By Dianne Harman
"The book is a wonderful compilation of situations and inventions of things which are very plausible. It's a brilliant work and one of the few I've ever read that needs to be reread and thought about again."
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★★★★★ Refreshingly full of new ideas
By S. Ginther "Shadow"
"This one thinks so far outside the box in a refreshing way that I would highly recamend it to both romance-novel fans and sci-fi fans."

A highly enjoyable sci-fi/fant collection!! - by Daphne

"Clouded Emotions, is an interactive short story, which is a really original concept on Kindle, and a great way of blurring the lines between narrative and reader."

Awesome collection, - by Angus

"An action packed techno spy thriller where artificial intelligences control everyone through their smart-phones reminiscent of William Gibson."
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"The sex scenes are also hot throughout the book!"

An absorbing read! - by Sulin Young

"An absorbing, wonderful collection of short stories that takes you into an alternative time and place."

A Surreal Carnival of Delights - by Dan Pollock

"Rossi possesses a unique style and voice, combining dreamlike imagery and surreal situations, with--a word of caution here--frequent dollops of kinky eroticism."

Bravo! For These Italian Science Fiction Stories - by Joseph Ackerman

"Filled with high tech and perfectly adorable leading ladies, these stories will keep your interest throughout the entire book."

Fantastic Read! - by Jose

"I can't believe I read Galactic Energies so fast... I just couldn't stop! The author has an amazing imagination."

A few notes from the translator... - by Andrea

"Inspired scenarios, creative plot twists and nicely polished, fast-paced narration.
Enough aliens, wizards and space-time warps to keep your imagination entertained and your appetite for a good read satiated."

Science fiction you don't expect - by Anakina

"Moving among science fiction, fantasy and erotism each story captivates us and meets our desire of a narration which is less than expected, where really everything can happen."

Robot Love - by Avidreader

"This read was a bit of a new experience for me, and I found it enjoyable. Galactic Energies, by Luca Rossi, is a captivating multi-genre anthology of short stories. There's a recurring futuristic technological element that I think that sci-fi fans will enjoy."
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Fascinating concepts, always surprising - by Theresa Snyder

"The author explores his ideas through unique points of view and often surprises with startling endings."
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Tome Tender Book Blog
"Luca Rossi’s collection of short sci-fi/fantasy tales, Galactic Energies combines the wonders of technology, far advanced from today’s standards, human nature and the world of “what if,” in future times. Will election campaigns be conducted over the internet? Will orgies be holographic image offerings? What about celebrities, will they really make appearances or will their computer counterpart stand in for them? Is love possible with a robot? Will computers make life better for humans or will their objective become making a better world, eliminating humans and their desecration of the planet? If nothing else, each short story will spin around in your head as the possibilities for the future are endless!

Well written with wonderful detail, Luca Rossi’s Galactic Energies is fast-paced, entertaining and easily read, one story at a time, a perfect way for sci-fi newbies to test the waters and diehard fans to get their fix! Each story is intriguing, unique in its own way with crisp and imaginative writing."
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