venerdì 10 febbraio 2023

The theory of the branches of time, psycho-physical well-being, the importance of action, and the power of writing.

Here are some topics discussed in the live program on Thursday, February 9th. 

The theory behind my first trilogy suggests that every choice creates a new branch of time, some of which grow and strengthen while others die. The actions of billions of billions of living beings give strength to these branches. 

Going back in time may seem like the solution to changing past events, but this may have unpredictable consequences on the lives of future generations. 

In chapter three, Lil faces a dilemma about the massacre of a part of the population. The choice is difficult, but in the end, she decides to do nothing to protect future lives. 

Action is always crucial both as individuals and as a community. Belief in higher powers can help. 

Inner life and psycho-physical well-being are essential because they influence our lives. Maintaining balance through healthy eating, physical activity, adequate sleep, and body care is necessary for psycho-physical well-being. Mind, body, and spirit are interconnected, and we must take care of each component to achieve this balance. 

There is no predetermined fate, and we shape our future through our emotions, thoughts, and actions. 

Although life will never be perfect, it is crucial always to be ready to rebuild and see the beauty and love in everyday life. Hope is essential to move forward, even in the most challenging moments. 

Writing has immense power because it allows us to express our emotions and create imaginary worlds that inspire and engage the reader. Writing can inspire reflection and action.

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