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Clouded Emotions - Series 1 - VIII

Cerebral nanochips

Cerebral nanochips
The weapon slips out of Isabella's hands as she falls. Eugenio moves quickly and grabs the pistol, pointing it towards Mario and the woman: “Freeze! Now, both of you, nice and calm. Don't move a muscle!”
The hacker stands up and, without taking his eyes off of them, heads towards a cabinet. He takes out a little metal cylinder with two LEDs, a pocket knife and a pair of tweezers. “Quick, get inside!” he orders, motioning towards a door.
“Eugenio, listen -” Mario says.
“Do what I tell you!”
They enter a room furnished with a pair of cabinets, a bed, a table and a chair.
“Lie down on the bed, Isabella, face down! Mario, go to the cabinet: there are four pairs of handcuffs in there. Take them and attach her wrists and ankles to the bed,” Eugenio orders. “Now!” he yells at Mario, who's still frozen, watching him.
Isabella lies on the bed. Mario secures her limbs with the handcuffs.
“How bold, Eugenio! So you really do like S&M.” she taunts him.
“Mario, leave the room!” the hacker orders, pointing the pistol at him.
Even more surprised and afraid, Mario leaves the room. Eugenio locks the door, places the pistol on the desk and moves towards Isabella. He sits astride her back.
“Well you're not one to waste time. I might even like this,” she posits.
Eugenio moves her chestnut hair to one side.
“Usually I'm on top. But this time a little change might do me some good,” the woman continues.
The hacker slowly moves the metal cylinder over the base of Isabella's neck.
After a few minutes the two LEDs start flickering. Eugenio takes the pocket knife and makes an incision at the point detected by the device.
“Have you gone crazy?” she protests vehemently.
Eugenio inserts the tweezers into the cut. “This is going to hurt.”
With one hand he holds her head down on the bed. Isabella is unable to breath. Eugenio starts to pull a
Eugenio starts to pull a thin filament out of the wound.
The woman's body is racked with terrible waves of pain
thin filament out of the wound. The woman's body is racked with terrible waves of pain; she manages to lift her head from the pillow and let out a scream that shakes the walls. Mario, in the adjacent room, beats his fists against the door: “Isabella, Isabella!” he calls. “What is that bastard doing to you?”
Eugenio wraps the thin thread he pulled out around his index finger and continues to pull. Connected to the first, a myriad of filaments, up to a foot long, come out of the woman's head. After he's finished extracting them, the pain stops.
“It's all over, Isabella.” He takes her face in his hands as she looks at him, terrified. “They're nanochip filaments,” he explains, showing them to her. He takes the handcuffs off her ankles and wrists, helps her sit down and opens the door.
Mario rushes into the room towards his wife, still shaking with chills.
“When Isabella started acting strange I realized that she could be controlled by cerebral nanochips. If only we had figured this out sooner!” laments the man as he sighs, trying in vain to stop thinking about his dead friend.
“How long has she had this for?” Mario asks.
“We can't know for sure. She was probably grafted when she started working for DataCom. Isabella, how do you feel?”
“Oh my god. All these years,” she whispers, trembling. “The things I have no idea. Mario, drugs...”
When Isabella started acting strange I realized that
she could be controlled by cerebral nanochips
“Yes, we drugged you. The last day, at work, in the cafeteria. We knew that after you were fired you would try to flee and we had to be sure that you'd be a little...delayed. We used a strong dose of Narzis 457.”
Eugenio murmurs: “Hmm, maybe we... I mean, maybe I have something for Mario. I'll go look. I'll explain the plan to you in a minute.”
“Great, Eugenio, we're all really curious to know the details of your brilliant plan,” says John Dannington, entering through the door followed by his men.

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