martedì 20 agosto 2013

Reviews about Galactic Energies: a very special book

Unique points of view, surprises and startling endings...
Inspired scenarios, creative plot twists and nicely polished, fast-paced narration...

"Luca Rossi has got the special talent to tell stories you don't expect in a way which is similarly unexpected. Each one of these short stories is characterised by this peculiarity, while you face completely different worlds and protagonists, each one able to amaze us in its own way. Moving among science fiction, fantasy and erotism each story captivates us and meets our desire of a narration which is less than expected, where really everything can happen.
Suggested to Sci-fi enthusiasts who would like to be surprised."

"[...] inspired scenarios, creative plot twists and nicely polished, fast-paced narration.
Science fiction fans will get a kick out of how universal themes - the fate of humankind in a hyper-technological world, speculation on what lies in other parts of the galaxy, etc. - are addressed by an Italian author. 
The contrasts with science fiction written by Anglophone authors are not striking, yet the subtleties are fascinating - you can see what I mean in how corruption is addressed in 'Rewind', for example, or how the themes of loyalty and fidelity are expressed in 'Clouded Emotions'."

"The author explores his ideas through unique points of view and often surprises with startling endings.
All-in-all, I would suggest it to any reader that would like to explore a new up-and-coming author with a voice all his own."

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