venerdì 9 agosto 2013

Galactic Energies - A few notes from the translator...

Obviously I'm in no position to give an unbiased review of 'Galactic Energies', but I can honestly say Luca's work was a pleasure to translate, with its inspired scenarios, creative plot twists and nicely polished, fast-paced narration.

I spend a lot of time reflecting upon (and dealing with) how language serves as a vehicle for culture and perspectives, and I think science fiction fans will get a kick out of how universal themes - the fate of humankind in a hyper-technological world, speculation on what lies in other parts of the galaxy, etc. - are addressed by an Italian author. The contrasts with science fiction written by Anglophone authors are not striking, yet the subtleties are fascinating - you can see what I mean in how corruption is addressed in 'Rewind', for example, or how the themes of loyalty and fidelity are expressed in 'Clouded Emotions'.

But you don't have to think that much to enjoy the book. There are enough aliens, wizards and space-time warps to keep your imagination entertained and your appetite for a good read satiated.

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