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Clouded Emotions - Series 1 - V


They climb down a ladder into the sewer
Eugenio, Lin, Mario and Isabella leave the abandoned building. They climb down a ladder into the sewer. The woman coughs, annoyed by the unpleasant odor.
A roar shakes through the walls. Isabella and Mario freeze, terrified.
It's our lab. We blew it up!” Eugenio tries reassuring them.
Mario is devastated: “I'm so sorry, guys. It's my fault. You've lost everything!”
The two hackers look at him, amused: “Are you kidding? The information you've given us just saved us a week of poking around. As for all of our stuff, we can talk about it later.”
They emerge a few minutes later, climbing up another ladder. Isabella and Mario look around, surprised. They're in a lab identical to the one that just exploded.
A little backup,” Lin smiles. “Let's get back to work! I'd say that your boss' call and the attack on our lab are no mere coincidences. Let's see what our good friend Roberto is doing.”
A video, taken in real-time from Roberto's smartphone, appears on Eugenio's screen. The audio immediately begins flowing out of the speakers.
The man staggers. He's clutching a half-empty bottle of whiskey in his hand.
Now turn right and walk towards the riverfront. Keep drinking, it will be easier,” the DataCom software orders him.
I want to go home and be with my family!” he protests.
It is no longer possible. You know that.”
But I didn't do anything wrong!” Roberto screams, exasperated. A few passers-by scurry away, frightened.
The smartphone starts to play a video of Roberto and Isabella in a bedroom. Eugenio, in the lab, pauses the connection.
No, let's keep watching,” Mario says.
The video shows Isabella dressed in latex. She's holding a whip. Roberto is naked, except for a pair of black briefs. With every lash the woman gives him, the man responds with a cry of pain. After a few minutes the two lovers kiss passionately, then take off their clothes. She ties his wrists and ankles to the bed and mounts him. As they begin making love, she continues whipping his chest.
Back in the lab, Isabella places her hand on her husband's arm: “Mario, I-”
Later!” he interrupts.
The smartphone's voice continues speaking: “Do you want to see this video released on the web? You would lose your job and insurance. Your wife and children would be left helpless. But if you follow the directions, your life insurance will guarantee them a prosperous future. Now cross the street and walk down the bridge. Have a little more to drink.”
Roberto does as he's told. He keeps drinking. Tears are sliding down his cheeks.
Why me?”
Everyone who knows the new code is added to the human selection program for security reasons.”
But -”
Large areas of the globe will be covered by deserts and others will be submerged by the rising seas
There are too many of you humans, and the climate changes, caused by your pollution, will soon be irreversible. You have been aware of this for many years but you have not taken any significant action to stop it. Soon there will be wars caused by lack of water and food. Large areas of the globe will be covered by deserts and others will be submerged by the rising seas. The world economy will fall and so will our profits. We're getting rid of many of you and controlling those that remain so that we can protect the interests of DataCom.”
Roberto reaches the middle of the bridge. He finishes the bottle with one last swig.
Now climb over and let go. Your family will live a comfortable life in a cleaner and more peaceful world.”

He puts his smartphone down and jumps into the icy waters of the river below
Roberto climbs onto the parapet. He puts his smartphone down and jumps into the icy waters of the river below.

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