Clouded Emotions

Table of Contents


I – Alpha resource

The man you are looking at is Mario Orsini,” the smartphone says.
Isabella strolls along the park path. A light autumn breeze caresses her hair and ripples through the tree branches, which let their leaves fall. She studies the face of the man who will become her husband. An elongated nose, angular features, lean cheeks, slightly tousled brown hair, intense eyes with just a touch of madness to them. I could do worse.

I – The meeting

"Isabella enters the bar and spots Mario and Roberto sitting at a table in the corner. Her walk is confident. Many men and a few women turn to look at her figure as she settles onto a stool near the bar. She mentally reviews Mario's profile. He loves women's legs, especially if they're in the dominant position. She takes off her dark grey coat and places it between herself and the back of the chair. She crosses her legs."

Series 1

I – All over

"“Late-breaking news. The real estate market in downtown Milan has dropped by...”
Enough! I don't want to hear anything about real estate. Disable automatic updates.”
Updates disabled. You have three new emails. First message. Sender: Alberto...”
Goddamn contraptions!” Mario sighs, exasperated. “Turn everything off!”"

II – Customer service

"The User Contract expressly forbids enabling pause mode. If we are unable to provide service, we will be forced to suspend access to video, music, TV, reservations, travel and credit card services. In addition, personal photos, files and all data stored on the DataCom servers will be inaccessible."

III – The Code

"Isabella's smartphone announces she has a new message. “Dear Client, the DataCom emergency response team will arrive at your residence within five minutes.”
Mario chucks the device against the wall. “Isabella, we need to get out of here. We don't have any time.”"

IV –Two hackers

V –Suicide

VI –Freedom or slavery

VII –Fake places, false identities

VIII –Nanochips in the brain

IX –Lost

X –Game Over

Series 2

I –Secondary intelligences

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